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Poetic Life Issues
This book takes you on a metaphorical journey through things encountered in life. See how a young seed of the rich Caribbean soil figuratively addresses yearning love, unrelenting fantasies and dreams, God's divine grace and mercy, and social issues such as abuse in many forms. Quench your imagination and experience life fully through this literary piece of work.
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Rehabilitation and Recovery: Poetry and Short Stories
When an individual has been disabled or maimed from situations encountered in life, there must be an institution or remedy used to aid that being in restoration. Some of these situations which many individuals might encounter on a day to day basis are love, mental health, abuse and medical issues. How could humanity be deemed as humane if there was no mention of God and his relation to man and Christianity? 

Are controversial topics important and are they seen as the spice of literal conversation? Can love be such a powerful vice that it causes mindless pain? Will mental patients be seen as normal functioning citizens in this society? Can educating an individual bring about a change in negative behavior? Ask yourself if an identity can be saved and restored to usefulness?

Broaden the span of your knowledge as you master the art of questioning and find the answers to these questions as you embark upon this literary express!


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Jamaican Farm Life

Jamaican Farm Life is an interesting children’s tale that shows old-fashioned farm life that takes you way back. It is extremely cultural!

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St. Martin is My Home

“Saint Martin Is My Home” is a rhythmic poem and prose that was artistically illustrated by Orlando Eights in black-and-white graphics.

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It Is Going To Rain
New picture book tells the positive and negative effects of rain to young readers.

Grandpa Herbert and grandma's mud home went through a great storm in the islands.
Their home was badly damaged. Grandma constantly set pots and pans to catch the water from the leaking roof. They were tired of this ritual so they decided to rebuild, and what a great home they built. The mud walls were broken down and a new structure was rebuilt.
The end product was a new home, new lace curtains for grandma, enjoyment of the pitter, patter on the roof top and peace of mind!


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